About us

Nestled in the heart of Guwahati, Croissant Express brings a touch of French elegance to the vibrant streets of the city. Our journey in Guwahati began with a vision to introduce the rich and diverse flavors of authentic French pastries to this wonderful community.

At Croissant Express Guwahati, we take pride in crafting each pastry with precision and care. From the golden, flaky layers of our croissants to the delightful assortment of cakes and treats, our menu reflects a dedication to quality and taste that is unmistakably French-inspired.

Situated in a cozy corner of Guwahati, our bakery is more than just a place to pick up your favorite pastries. It’s a welcoming space where locals and visitors alike can gather, savoring the aroma of freshly baked goods while enjoying a moment of indulgence.

We are grateful to be part of the Guwahati community and look forward to serving you with our passion for baking and commitment to excellence. Join us at Croissant Express Guwahati for a taste of France right here in Assam’s bustling city.