Onion Bread

Onion bread is a savory bread infused with the rich flavor and aroma of onions. Made by incorporating onions into the dough or layering them on top, this bread offers a delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess, making it a versatile accompaniment to a wide range of dishes.

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Onion bread is a savory delight that captures the essence of onions in every bite. Whether mixed directly into the dough or sprinkled on top, onions impart their unique flavor and aroma to the bread, creating a satisfyingly savory experience.
All-purpose flour
Water or milk
Sugar or honey
Onions (either finely chopped or caramelized)
Fat (such as butter, oil, or margarine)
Optional additions: herbs (such as thyme or rosemary), cheese, garlic
To make onion bread, onions are either finely chopped and incorporated into the dough during mixing, or they are caramelized and added as a topping before baking. The dough is prepared with flour, yeast, water or milk, salt, sugar or honey, and fat. After kneading and rising, the dough is shaped into loaves, rolls, or other desired forms, then topped with the onions if they weren’t mixed into the dough. Finally, it’s baked until golden brown and fragrant.
Onion bread is a versatile option that complements a wide range of dishes. It pairs wonderfully with soups, stews, and salads, adding depth of flavor to any meal. It can also be enjoyed on its own or toasted with a spread of butter or cheese for a simple yet satisfying snack. With its rich onion flavor and soft texture, onion bread is sure to become a favorite in any kitchen.


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