Bun Maska ( Per Pcs. )

Bun Maska is a classic Indian tea-time snack consisting of a soft, fluffy bun generously slathered with creamy butter (maska). Often enjoyed with a cup of hot tea or coffee, Bun Maska is a simple yet indulgent treat that is especially popular in Mumbai’s Irani cafés.


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Bun Maska features a soft bread roll that is sliced open and lavishly spread with rich, creamy butter. The buns used are typically sweet and slightly enriched with ingredients like milk and butter to enhance their flavor and texture. This humble yet delightful snack is a perfect combination of the softness of the bun and the smoothness of the butter. Sometimes, a sprinkling of sugar is added for an extra touch of sweetness. Bun Maska is a beloved comfort food that brings a sense of nostalgia and is often paired with hot beverages like chai or coffee.
Sweet bread buns (similar to dinner rolls or pav)
Butter, softened
Optional: Sugar for sprinkling
Slice the sweet bread buns horizontally.
Generously spread softened butter on both halves of each bun.
Optionally, sprinkle a little sugar over the buttered buns for added sweetness.
Serve immediately with a cup of hot tea or coffee.


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