Flavoured Bun ( Per Pcs. )

Flavored buns are a delightful twist on traditional bread rolls, infused with various ingredients to create unique and exciting flavors. These buns can be sweet or savory, making them versatile enough to complement a range of dishes or be enjoyed on their own as a tasty snack.

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Flavored buns are enriched with ingredients like herbs, spices, cheese, garlic, chocolate, fruits, or nuts to impart distinct tastes and aromas. These buns maintain a soft and fluffy texture, similar to classic buns, but offer an enhanced flavor profile. They can be used in sandwiches, served alongside meals, or enjoyed as standalone treats. Popular variations include garlic butter buns, cheese buns, chocolate buns, and fruit-filled buns.
Bread flour or all-purpose flour
Warm milk or water
Active dry yeast
Butter, softened
Flavoring ingredients (e.g., garlic, herbs, cheese, chocolate, fruits, nuts)
Optional toppings (e.g., sesame seeds, herbs, cheese)
Egg wash (beaten egg with a splash of water, for brushing)


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