Jumbo Burger Bun ( Per Pcs. )

Jumbo burger buns are large, soft bread rolls designed to accommodate oversized burger patties and a generous amount of fillings. These buns are slightly sweet, tender, and sturdy, providing a substantial base for hearty and flavorful burgers.

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Jumbo burger buns are an essential component for making large, satisfying burgers. They are made with ingredients such as flour, milk, butter, and eggs, resulting in a soft and fluffy texture that is slightly sweet. These buns are often topped with sesame seeds for added flavor and visual appeal. Their larger size makes them perfect for holding big burger patties along with multiple toppings, ensuring every bite is delicious and well-balanced.
Bread flour or all-purpose flour
Warm milk or water
Active dry yeast
Butter, softened
Sesame seeds (optional, for topping)
Egg wash (beaten egg with a splash of water, for brushing)


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